From 1987-2014 I worked as an actor and singer in the theatre.
In 2015 I adapted and directed the play Hombres! written by the playwright Sergi Belbel and the theatre group ‘T de Teatre’ for the theatre group Marionetas in Conil de la Frontera in Southern Spain.

Since 2016 I’ve written and translated plays. My plays Tonijn, Groene Thee, Moederliefde, Het komt als het komt, Rood and Kast were published by De Toneelcentrale.

In 2017 Tonijn (Atún) was published in Spanish in Spain by Editorial Seleer (ISBN: 9-788494-723308).
In 2018 Groene Thee (Té Verde) was published by Ediorial Seleer (ISBN: 9-788494-813191).


In 2018 I translated the play Go back for Murder by Agatha Christie into Dutch, with the Dutch title Moord in Reprise. I’m represented by the agency ALMO.


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